Parents as Teachers


Brandy Harrison is certified in the research/evidence-based Foundations 1 (prenatal-3yrs), Foundations 2 (3yrs-5yrs) and Model Implementations Training. Brandy is employed as a Preschool Assistant and has 3 children that attend the Crocker School District.


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--What is Parents as Teachers?

• A free program to parents in the district birth thru age 5

• Prenatal - Expectant parents are also invited to join the program

• Staffed by Parent Educators who are also parents and trained from a research/evidence based model and curriculum

--Services provided by Parents as Teachers

• Home visits for prenatal, and children ages birth to five

• Group Connections for families

• Periodic screenings of overall development, health, hearing and vision

• Monthly newsletter filled with information on parenting topics, dates to know, fun and creative ideas

--Parents as Teachers - An Overview

Parents As Teachers recognizes your family’s strengths and that you are the expert on your child. The program helps you become involved in the education of your child from the beginning of his or her life through personal visits with the parent educator. With the Born to Learn Curriculum, parent educators will help you discover ways to promote age appropriate developmental activities for your child.

The PAT program offers child development activities that encourage language & literacy development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills.

PAT creates a positive impact on your community as well. Studies show that children achieve greater academic success over time, and that parents increase confidence in their parenting role. Through the program, parents also become familiar with their community resources and develop good relationships with the school from the beginning.

--History of Parents as Teachers

Parents As Teachers began in 1981 in Missouri as a pilot project for first-time parents of newborns. Today more than 2,600 Parents As Teachers programs are in place in 49 states, six countries and five US territories. The National center for Parents as Teachers is located in St. Louis, Missouri!