Special Education Process

  • Referral: Once the district receives a referral, it will contact the parents within 5 school days to provide procedural safeguards. Once the team has determined that there is reason to suspect a disability they will have 30 days to conduct a Review of Existing Data.

  • RED: The Review of Existing Data will pull all existing information together on the referred student. The team will meet and/or discuss the results and decide if more information is needed. If so, a Prior Written Notice will need to be signed by parents, to give the district permission to evaluate the student.

  • Evaluation: The district will then have 60 days to conduct an evaluation that will include additional testing and observations of the student.

  • Eligibility Determination: Once the district has finished the evaluation, a meeting must be put in place to go over the students eligibility(a list of areas a student can be found eligible is listed below). DESE(The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) has strict guidelines on what constitutes eligibility for each area. If the student meets eligibility criteria an IEP meeting must be scheduled with 30 days of the eligibility meeting.

  • Reevaluation: Once a student is found eligible, every 3 years a reevaluation is required to be done to see if any new information needs to be added to the student's IEP; or if any additional testing needs to be done.

  • IEE: If you disagree with the evaluation results, you have the rights to request the an Independent Educational Evaluation at the district expense.

Eligibility Areas:

Emotional Disturbance
Hearing Impairment/Deafness
Intellectual Disability
Multiple Disorders
Orthopedic Impairment
Other Health Impairment
Specific Learning Disability
Language Impairment
Sound System Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury
Vision Impairment
Young Child with Developmental Delay