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Title I

                             Title I Reading and Math 2019-2020

Title I Information

                                                                  Welcome Back All Students!!!
                                                                             Preschool activity:
                                                                           September 26, 2019

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program designed to provide help for students 
who are not at grade level in reading and/or math.  
               The goal is to help students succeed in the regular classroom and reach grade level 
performance by emphasizing high academic standards.  
Resources for Math and Reading!
          Interactive Resources        
                                   * Parents are notified of their child’s eligibility for and participation in Title I. 
                                 * Parents sign document(s) allowing their child to participate in Title I Reading/Math.
                                 * Parents are encouraged to participate in Title I meetings and learning opportunities.
                           *  Parents are provided with information about Title I via newsletters and/or handouts from the Title I Teachers.
*Parents are invited to be a part of the activities throughout the year. 
                                                     *Follow the Link to see how parents can make a difference!
                                                                                                        More Parents involvement plans 

                                                                                                        Parent Link:
                    A website whose goal is to support Missouri families in making the best choices possible for their families.
Title I Reading: Mrs. K Helton
Title I Math: Mrs. Marz
Title I Paraprofessional: Mrs. Waters
Preschool: Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Hardwick
Parents As Teachers (PAT): Mrs. Harrison

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