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JH Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Rich Mueller
Assistant Coach: Peter Bryant

Tri-Lakes Shootout in Branson

Junior High






Abigail H

Abby H







We will probably have to use 8th graders to fill in some with the High School Team, especially on Wednesday when they are short-handed.
We are staying at the Stone Castle Hotel at 3050 Green Mountain Drive in Branson. The cost will be $69 per night, divided by 4 staying in each room.

We have had money donated to go towards a raffle with the proceeds going to the basketball program. The winner of the raffle will have the choice of an American Tactical Imports AR-15 rifle or $450 in store credit to go towards any other purchase. Here’s where you come in. Each girl, 6th-12th grade will be given 10 raffle tickets to sell. You have until August 10th to sell as many tickets as you can. All money AND extra tickets must be turned in to the coaches by August 10th. The tickets given to you will be numbered, the only way you will have to pay for tickets is if you lose them. If you sell 6, bring in your $60 and 4 tickets and we will give those tickets to someone else to try to sell. There is an incentive of a $100 prize to the player who sells the most tickets, so if you sell your first 10, turn in your money as soon as possible so we can issue you more tickets. We will not sell more than 400 tickets. If we can sell all 400 tickets, that will be $4,000 for the girls’ basketball program and with that money you will not have to pay for the Branson Camp or the hotel room. We hope to have the tickets ready for the girls by Thursday’s practice, but if they are not ready until Friday, I may just find a place for players or parents to pick them up. I will send that out on Remind. There will be two sections that need to be filled out. Once section will be for them to take with them, the other section will need to be turned into Coach Mueller or Coach Bryant. Each girl will also get a flyer with information about the raffle that they can either read to the prospective buyer, or can be handed to them. At 10:40, you also should have received a Remind from me with a digital file of the flyer if you would like to post that on your social media to get word out, that would be fine as well.

There will also be one more bake sale, this time at Walmart in St. Robert. I believe the target date for that is July 21, the Saturday before the Branson Camp. We will try to stagger things a little better this time, in that there will be a sign-up sheet for parents and players for designated times to be there and bring your baked goods.

Weights are still going on even though the gym floor is being redone. We will do our conditioning/speed work outside on the pavement, so if you come, bring appropriate footwear and a water bottle. We will not have weights on days that we have practice, because of transportation issues. We will have weights M-W-F from 8:30 to 10:30, and practices on Tuesday and Thursday up to the 24th when we leave for Branson. We will decide after Branson whether the girls want to continue with weights after camp.

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